About Care Logistics

3C_notagBased in Alpharetta, Ga., Care Logistics helps hospitals deliver exceptional care to happy patients at the lowest costs. As part of that mission, Care Logistics publishes the Care Milestones website to promote discussion and ideas about how to continuously improve patient care quality, experience and efficiency.

Care Logistics partners with hospitals to establish a patient-first, zero-defect “production system” for care. The system comprises:

Culture: Enthusiastic, unified embrace of a patient-first, zero-defect culture

Care Model: A hub-and-spoke “production system” for efficient delivery of exceptional care
Logistics Software: Built to ensure reliable, predictable care for every patient, always


The results: The best possible patient care and experience your hospital can deliver, with the greatest efficiency at the lowest costs.

Learn more here. Or here is a video that shows how it all works in just three minutes.