Are Your Patients More Like Packages, Planes or Hotel Guests?

Of course your patients aren’t widgets or production units. But analogies to other industries do help clarify the power of logistics in improving patient experience, throughput and care quality.


This SlideShare titled “Are Your Patients More Like Planes, Packages or Hotel Guests?” provides a fun, colorful explanation about how the approaches of UPS, air traffic controllers and hotels also deliver the highest-quality, patient-centric care while achieving record financial performance.


The “production model” approach overcomes the challenges hospitals face efficiently advancing all milestones for inpatient care for all patients. People and departments working in isolation and at cross purposes can’t effectively orchestrate the care of all patients. A hub-and-spoke logistical model lets caregivers, departments and service areas work together, with the right tools and information, to ensure:


  • Patients are where they’re expected to be for timely treatments and services.
  • People and resources are available exactly when needed to advance the patient’s care plan.
  • Beds and rooms are ready when they’re supposed to be.
  • Transport is on time.
  • Units are staffed with precision to meet clinical demand.
  • Everyone can see the statuses of patients and orders at all times.
  • Coordinators deliver diagnostic services with priority that best serves both patient care and overall throughput targets.
  • Both caregivers and patients have a clear and reliable itinerary for care.
  • Departments work in harmony, not in isolation and conflict.
  • Hospital executives have accurate, updated information they can act on quickly to make sure everyone has what they need to provide prompt, quality care

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