Becker’s: 3 Ingredients for Achieving Total Hospital Efficiency

Becker’s Hospital Review recently published a terrific profile of the tremendously successful CareConnect transformation initiative at Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. It highlights key elements of culture change and care
logistics that we emphasize here:

  • BeckersLogoEmbrace a positive, patient-focused culture and system aim
  • Adopt a hub-and-spoke care “production model”
  • Adopt the right software to efficiently orchestrate care across all units

Mercy also has adopted effective daily patient progression huddles and weekly executive rounding to improve care acumen and maintain a relentless focus on advancing every patient’s care plan.

MercyLogoBut Mercy’s results tell the real story of how the hospital has transformed to exceptional patient-centric care and reliable, profitable operations. From the Becker’s article:

“Within the first year of establishing these three ingredients for total hospital efficiency, Mercy Medical Center has recognized improvements in many key areas of patient care quality and efficiency:

  • Reduced average patient length of stay by a full day, from 4.6 to 3.6 days
  • Reduced observed length of stay-to-expected length of stay (O/E) ratio for targeted discharges from 1.34 to 1.06 over a nine-month period (The observed length of stay is the actual length of stay for the hospital’s patients and the expected length of stay is CMS’s geometric mean length of stay calculated for each DRG)
  • Cut the number of patients who left the emergency room without being seen by more than half, driving the average down to 1.85 percent
  • Reduced patient 30-day readmissions to 9.6 percent, a steady and continuing improvement in one of the key care quality measures that Medicare considers for care reimbursement
  • Cut the time from a pending patient admission to assigning the patient a bed from 73 to 21 minutes, a 71 percent improvement
  • Made a 50 percent improvement in inpatient satisfaction percentile ratings
  • Won the Press Ganey 2013 Commitment to Excellence Award, reflecting the largest annual increase in employee engagement scores
  • Reduced the door-to-door time for emergency room patients by an hour
  • Reduced hospital-acquired pressure ulcers (HAPU) by more than half since February 2013
    Improved SKIP bundle from 94 percent to 97 percent
  • Reduced length of stay of observation patients by 4.8 hours”

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