It’s About Time: Celebrating the Heroes of Patient Care

We are thrilled to see that the Coalition to Protect America’s Healthcare has launched this Hospital Heroes page on its website.

Hospital HeroesIt’s easy to mire in the challenges of rising costs and shrinking reimbursements in healthcare, and forget about the people who dedicate their lives to healing. I am moved by the passion for caring and commitment to patients exhibited by the nurses, doctors and other caregivers in the hospitals we work with. Those caregivers often get an unfair bad reputation. When patients experience frustration because of poorly coordinated care, they tend to blame the closest person–whether it be a nurse, doctor, transporter or technician. I’ve certainly heard friends and family complain about their healthcare experience, blaming doctors and nurses who “just don’t care.” I try to tell them their poor experience most likely reflects the need for the hospital to improve processes for care coordination. In our experience, no one wants to do right by the patient more than those frontline caregivers.

So hats off to the Hospital Heroes, and it’s nice to see the initial profilesinclude folks performing all sorts of critical work on behalf of patients. They include doctors, nurses, medical coders and even a radiation “dream team” at N.Y. Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn. It’s great to stop and celebrate the good things and people in healthcare.

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