5 Hospital CEOs Talk Transformation: A Video Series

Hospital executives and consultants talk a lot about “transformation,” but what is it and what does it really mean for improving patient care and experience? Care Logistics recently produced a series of video interviews with five hospital CEOs who answer that very question.

All five hospitals have launched successful transformation journeys, establishing reliable, predictable care delivery and operations. All have undergone extensive positive cultural changes, adopting new thinking about achieving zero defects in patient care. All have adopted hub-and-spoke logistical models for system-wide care coordination, and all have rolled out software to support the new processes. The results have been dramatic, with sustained improvements in patient care quality, length of stay, cost per case, and patient and caregiver satisfaction.

This YouTube playlist contains the full lineup of CEO interviews:

  • Daniel P. Moen, President and CEO, Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, Mass.
  • Dr. Ann Errichetti, CEO, St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany, N.Y.
  • Dr. Patrick Taylor, CEO, Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
  • Steve Scogna, CEO, Northwest Community Hospital near Chicago
  • Peter Selman, CEO, Baptist Medical Center South in Montgomery, Ala.

The final two videos also include interviews with other executives, doctors, nurses and caregivers to provide a complete perspective about what transformation means to everyone at the hospital, and how it delivers better patient care and experiences at lower costs.

We’ve also embedded one of the videos here: Reliability Matters: Three CHE-Trinity CEOs Discuss Their Transformation Success.

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