Survey Says Nurses are Frustrated with Distractions that Impede Care

Nurses are frustrated, and better models for care coordination in hospitals makes them happier and able to provide better care to patients.

The story: Nurses constantly struggle to spend bedside time with patients because of non-clinical distractions.
The nurses surveyed identified several things interfering with patient bedside time, including:

  • Poor communication among nurses, doctors, hospital leaders, units and service areas
  • Arranging, tracking and following up on patient diagnostic procedures
  • Limited coverage and clinical support force nurses to divide time among more patients
  • Fatigue from excessive overtime
As hospital transformation experts Samantha Platzke and Kristie Huff emphasize in the article, logistics for care coordination fixes these problems, freeing nurses to spend more time with patients. Patients get better care, and nurses are more engaged and more satisfied with their jobs.
“These aren’t isolated challenges that affect only nurses,” said Platzke, CEO of Ohio-based hospital consulting firm Remarkable Results. “These problems reflect chaos and inefficiency in care delivery across the entire organization.”

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