VHA Inc. Announces Agreement that Validates the Power of Logistics for Hospital Operations

VHA Inc. has been leading innovation in hospital performance for nearly 40 years. In fact, VHA Inc. has helped so many hospitals improve performance and manage costs for so long, it’s easy to forget just what a broad positive influence it has in healthcare. VHA Inc.VHA Inc’s resume tells the story:

VHA Inc. is a national network of not-for-profit health care organizations working together to improve performance and efficiency in clinical, financial and operational management. Since 1977, when VHA established the first hospital membership organization, the company has applied its knowledge in analytics, contracting, consulting and network development to help members and customers achieve their strategic objectives. In 2012, VHA delivered $1.9 billion in savings and additional value to members. Serving 5,100 health system members and affiliates, VHA represents more than a quarter of the nation’s hospitals. VHA also serves more than 118,000 non-acute health care customers enterprise-wide. VHA is based in Irving, Texas, and has 12 regional offices across the United States.

So we are especially pleased that VHA Inc. has announced an agreement to offer the Care Logistics Hospital Operating System to its members. VHA offers its members the best solutions, tools and benchmarking for exceptional hospital operations. Now, its offerings include the Hospital Operating System, the only logistical control system for care delivery in hospitals. This further validates the value of logistics for coordinating care in hospitals. It also emphasizes that a logistical system for care delivery increases visibility into the “metrics that matter” for hospital performance, complementing VHA’s IMPERATIV analytics and benchmarking solutions.

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