Hospital News, Views and Logistics Links: 11/6/13

Some insightful perspective from this week. Also, look soon for updates from this week’s U.S. News “Hospital of Tomorrow” conference, without question the most buzzed about healthcare event of the week (besides that healthcare exchange thing a few people talked about).

Hospitals not doing all they should be to reduce readmissions, despite financial penalties To reduce the need for readmissions and improve patients’ health and well-being, many hospitals are participating in quality improvement campaigns focused on this problem. To assess progress, Commonwealth Fund–supported researchers surveyed…

Study says outpatient revenue likely to increase with ACA

Steven Ross Johnson, Reimbursements to emergency departments for outpatient visits are likely to improve once the nation’s new health reform law is fully implemented, a new study found…

How improving patient discharge processes and post-acute follow up reduces readmissions Improving discharge can reap multiple benefits for patients and providers, including reducing readmissions. At Dameron Hospital, a 202-bed community hospital in Stockton, Calif., staff aimed to reduce readmissions for congestive heart failure…

Do incentives for patient satisfaction hurt quality of care?

Thomas Dahlborg, “If a portion of my compensation is based on patient satisfaction then to maximize my reimbursement I must provide to my patients everything they want. And if that means services they don’t actually need, be it an antibiotic or x-ray, so be it. If…

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