Northwest Community Hospital Partners with Care Logistics to Establish Logistical Control System

Northwest Community Hospital in Chicago announced a partnership with Care Logistics to adopt the Hospital Operating System. The solution combines hospital logistics software, centralized care coordination and real-time performance management to dramatically improve patient throughput and operational efficiency.

“This partnership with Care Logistics is part of our efforts to prepare our organization readiness for the future of healthcare,” said Steve Scogna, President and CEO of Northwest Community Hospital. “The Care Logistics engagement will serve as a cornerstone of predictable, reliable hospital operations and performance.” Click here to see the full story…

The 496-bed hospital also announced the launch of its Aim for Excellence initiative to improve throughput and adopt a new delivery model. It prominently features a complete logistical control system solution—mindset, methodology and technology—as a cornerstone of this effort for operational excellence. See more about NCH’s Aim for Excellence initiative in this Chicago Tribune news item.

POSTED BY Doug Walker

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