Oh, the Places You’ll Go to Discuss Patient Flow!

oh-the-places-youll-goThat homage to Dr. Seuss in the title is our clever (ok, corny) way of recognizing some other great places online to learn and discuss ways to improve patient flow and throughput:

1) One of our favorite LinkedIn groups is direct about its mission: Patient Flow for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations. We particularly like the enthusiastic group leadership of Mary Longe from AHA Solutions, the arm of the American Hospital Association that promotes better hospital operational performance. Here’s a snippet of here recent group posting, which we would file in the “Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves” folder:

Health care organizations are undergoing an unprecedented period of transformational change with drivers in three areas. First, the way we design and deliver care; second, the way we get paid for our services; and third, how we define and take on the accountability for the health of the communities we serve. Every organization is involved in one or all of these areas of change, and as every change is made, we are making our way from the first curve – volume-based care to the second curve, value-based care. We all must act in health care, like former professional hockey player Wayne Gretzky says of hockey, “Skate, not where the puck is, but where it’s going to be.” There are few breakaways to the goal, in this health care environment, but there are opportunities for organizations to achieve incremental success in each area. 

Brilliant! With bonus points for using the Wayne Gretzky quote our own Ben Sawyer loves to use when summarizing modern hospital challenges.

2) From that group page, we found this link to the Patient Flow Project at HospitalPatientFlow.com, a recently launched site that also  promotes discussion about better patient flow and posts links to relevant news and resources.

3) And here’s a site we also love, created by emergency physician Shawn Whatley. His noble mission: Stop Patient Waiting. He posts frequent, lively perspectives about how to improve flow in the ED and throughout the hospital. He’s also a strong advocate for the patient, giving voice to the patient’s needs and expectations.

As patient throughput continues to become the central operational priority for hospitals, these websites with patient flow discussions and resources will become more important for you and your hospitals. We’ll keep sharing the best of them as part of our mission to advance the discussions that will help your hospitals dramatically improve throughput and care quality.


CEOs recognize care coordination, patient flow and experience, and measurable performance as strategic priorities

One final note: Our title barrows from Dr. Seuss’s final masterpiece, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” It’s all about the hope and success that lies ahead for those willing to pursue life with passion. Here at Care Milestones, we’re passionate about improving patient flow and throughput with logistics for hospital patient care. We close with this optimistic verse from the book, which we might just start including in our hospital partner logistics curriculum:

And will you succeed?
Yes! You will, indeed!
(98 and 3 / 4 percent guaranteed.)

POSTED BY Doug Walker

2 thoughts on “Oh, the Places You’ll Go to Discuss Patient Flow!

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning Stop Patient Waiting! I just found this now…silly of me.

    I wanted to let you know that I updated the site to just shawnwhatley.com All the STOP patient waiting posts are on the new domain.

    Thanks again!


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