Porter Research: Coordinated Care Starts with Logistics Strategy


We are pleased to link to this Porter Research interview with Karl Straub, president of Care Logistics. Porter’s Jennifer Dennard asks the right questions, tying the pressing challenges hospitals face (the shift from volume to value, inefficient silo-based operations, patient experience, readmissions) with a solution founded on logistics for patient care and throughput.

Her intro sums up the place logistics plays in helping hospitals work as a coordinated system to improve patient throughput:

Hospitals today have their pick of challenges to choose from – improving workflow, increasing patient satisfaction, maximizing limited resources, moving to a value-based reimbursement model … the list could go on and on. At the core of many of these concerns lie the concepts of communication, efficiency and effectiveness.
While industry thought leaders speak to the issues of individual healthcare facilities operating in their own data silos, not much attention has been paid to the fact that even departments within a single facility operate in these same types of silos. Departments that don’t communicate effectively and efficiently with each other will ultimately preclude the hospital from overcoming any of the challenges above. And that is where the concept of logistics for healthcare comes in.

POSTED BY Doug Walker

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