“I need to get out of the Excel spreadsheet and visit the floors.” Hospital Executive Rounding Improves Throughput and Care Quality.

We note a refreshing perspective in this Becker’s interview with Sarah Choi, VP of finance for Methodist Dallas Medical Center. Here’s Choi’s response to a question about patient visits and community outreach:

My goal is to round on patients once a week and also participate in community outreach…When I do rounding, it helps me to experience what is going on with our staff so I have a better understanding of employees’ perspectives, especially the nurses who care for our patients each day. There are many capital requests, and making the right decisions on what’s really important and impact the quality takes priority. Talking to frontline staff helps me understand the critical issues and identify the priorities.

Rounding helps my personal growth…finance is stereotypically crunching numbers, but I need to get out of the Excel spreadsheet and visit the floors. Rounding connects me to patient care and helps me understand the human side of healthcare.

We admire Choi’s commitment to staying in touch with front lines of patient care at her hospital. Executives in any line of work can get caught up in their significant daily job pressures and lose their connection with their teams and customers. This is especially problematic when your business is quality healthcare and your customers are your patients. Here are some other hospitals and hospital executives who clearly embrace the benefits of rounding, including this great video clip with Roddey Gettys, CEO of the Baptist Hospital in Easley, S.C.

With our hospital partners, we emphasize formal executive rounding as a key to continuous improvement in patient throughput. The logistics of patient care focuses on advancing certain milestones and activities as efficiently as possible. Well-informed hospital leaders have remarkable power to remove roadblocks and advance throughput and care quality.

And with patient care logistical controls and software in place, hospital executives have the information they need–live process and cycle data–to predict, prevent and improve on the spot. Weekly executive rounding and regular workouts become an empowering part of the hospital care culture, enabling hospital leaders to best serve the needs and satisfaction of nurses, physicians and patients. Choi nicely sums up what’s at stake in her closing comment: “We need to collaborate and focus on how we can improve quality, patient care and patient experience — and lower costs.”

POSTED BY Doug Walker

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