What Do Happy Hospital Patients and On-Time Packages Have in Common? Logistics.

Manufacturers, retailers, transportation and delivery companies have applied logistical control systems and technologies to reliably deliver quality goods and services on time for decades. The same principles apply and succeed robustly in a seemingly unlikely place: patient care in hospitals. It’s a new concept for many hospital executives, but when they see the results in action, they understand and embrace it. The benefits for hospitals are tremendous—shorter patient stays and happy patients, doctors and nurses, which all add up to millions in savings and increased revenues.

We’ve launched Care Milestones to discuss how hospitals are applying new thinking and innovative logistics software to more efficiently coordinate quality care for patients. We’ll talk about the technologies and methods that are helping hospitals:

  • Ensure that patients are where they’re expected to be for timely treatments and services
  • People and resources are available exactly when needed to advance the patient’s care plan
  • Beds and rooms are ready when they’re supposed to be
  • Transport is on time
  • Everyone knows patients’ statuses at all times, and both caregivers and patients have a clear and reliable itinerary for care
  • Hospital executives and front-line caregivers have information they need to act quickly and intelligently to always be improving patient care and throughput

POSTED BY Doug Walker

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